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Special Interest Groups

The aim of the special interest groups (SIGs) is to foster growth of a national community of computational and applied mechanics enthusiasts. Regular meetings on specialized topics facilitates and encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing across institutions.

Particle matters

Particle Matters covers particulate and continuum materials, particulate and continuum mechanics solved using particle-based solvers.


The group engages in (15-30)-minute talks with (15-30)-minute discussion points (lunch hour engagement) monthly.

Contact person

Prof. Nico Wilke

Multiphysics in Pyrometallurgy

Pyrometallurgy, the subtle art and science of processing minerals and metals into products of value using high temperatures, is a tremendously challenging subject to study. This is due to the extreme conditions of industrial furnace operations rendering experimental work difficult or impossible, combined with the sheer complexity of process phenomena involved which may include fluid flow, heat transfer, multiphase materials, phase change, complex thermochemistry, particulate flow, electromagnetism and others, frequently in tight coupling with one another. This field provides numerous unique challenges and opportunities for computational multiphysics modelling, the discussion and exploration of which is the primary purpose of this SIG group.


Monthly meetings via Teams.

Contact person

Quinn Reynolds

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